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fetish and trends

From time to time I work with PR professionals; our circles cross and I get to know the world of fashion and perfume from a insider’s perspective. Quite interesting as I usually take perfumes from an other side.  Thus, I was told the other day that FETISH is going to be a BIG trend in 2012 in fashion. Think leather, rubber, dark animalic rough woody things with Patchouli and logs of wood sticky with resin.

But contrary to my PdD time when I tried to explain my professor “lumberjack look” with its heavy duty style shirts, without much hope as people in science often miss the concept of fashion, FETISH in 2012 is dark and dirtier. Actually, lumberjack look seems to be a classic style that always works, at least for men. My lumberjack look will be activated when doing the floor , painting the walls and moving into the new warehouse and production office. We will start this venture next week. Heavy duty posts ahead there!

So I learned that fetish IS going to be the BIG trend. Usually, I tend not to think in trends , but this one quite in quite in time. Time for something different. Besides Lonestar Memories I do not have a perfume fitting, and I think Lonestar Memories is more on the lumberjack side. I am not so sure whether I really want to come up seriously with a fitting perfume to the fetish trend in fashion, but I like the idea of thinking in darker territory. After a few light sunny bright takes, from the cologne that sits in many versions in my excel to the ZETA linden blossom theme, it might be time for the dark side of the force.

Let’s consider it a mind and nose exercise. I do not want too much leather, but Patchouli, lots of ambreine, castoreum, some rubber, but not the burnt thing…or maybe, instead of the rubber, we take earth. Wet, and damp and heavy. …

What would your fetish notes be?

(today’s picture shows you a sunset in Namibia)