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first tulip of the year and a new circle beginning.

I continue showing you spring teaser flowers: The first tulip that showed its shy red head a few days ago. Today, it is proudly showing it all…

The last few days have been amazing: An explosion is taking place right in front of our eyes and noses.  And fitting with nature starting another circle we kind of start another circle, too. I sent the papers off for the new office and storage place. I signed the lease. A little signature translating into a major step for me. June 1 is the date when I can get in there, and I look forward to moving there. Not that it would not be nice sitting on my bench here, in our little room, close to tulips with a view. But it is getting narrow here. Yesterday, when packing the first ZETA’s into boxes, later in the evening, the W.-factor and me realized again how little space is left in this room.

Thus, by June 1 we can start moving.

And until them, we continue in our little room. And as it is the last weeks in there: I suddenly enjoy it more than before.

I will continue packing ZETAs today. And will start shipping the first ZETAs to retailers. And tonight, I go for a burger, meeting friends, old friends, that worked with me and helped me a lot in a previous circle that I luckily left.