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folded paper

We will do another round with the folded paper inlay that is supposed to hold my flacons in the tin box. This inlay will replace my “black-paper-wrapped-around- the-flacon”-solution in the near future, but I want to do it right. (see a picture of the inlay here in an older post) Or: We want to do it right. Yesterday late at night, I had a quick meeting with my design guru from the designers club, testing the latest version:
290 g/m2 paper, perforated at most of the folds to help and ease the folding. The paper is 290 gram per meter square as we should not put on too much weight, for postage fee reasons. There is a limit of 500 gr for the packed and ready to ship perfumes. Beyond these 500 gr: Think double postage. Yep.

The test was: Sitting in a coffee shop and shaking the packed perfume. Like flying from here to there, back again, sitting in a truck and ultimately being thrown into a corner.  It sure survived, but you could see weak corners where the paper started to give in to the stress imposed by the flacon. To be on the safe side: Another round of thinking and fiddling ahead!

The previous version was not perforated, but just embossed a bit, helping a bit with the origami like folding. But it was not good enough. Hence, the perforation. With the perforation on the other hand, the paper is a bit on the weak side.

Thus, we will try different paper, slightly more heavy duty, some papers with a different structure, such as a impregnated surface.

Well, in the end  it may sound like a detail, but then: It is the details that matter. Sometimes.

Today’s picture shows you random origami: A random folded piece of 80 gram/m2 paper, scanned. Paper is a wonderful, almost magic material!