making of

for external use only

Today is an excel day, balancing allergens, ingredients, lists, and more lists, and soon I will make a list for my lists in order to find the lists again in the ever growing list space on my computer. I’d prefer to work on scents, to be honest. But there is no way how it cannot be done, and there is nobody who could do it for me.

Every country and region has its own requests for how to label and pack and register, and today I was getting some paperwork done for a market (Arab market) that is pretty strictly regulated and demands a lot if you want to get your products in there. Ufff….

But I guess we are getting there, sooner or later. Right now: Adjusting the labels that go onto the back of the new metal box packaging. Today’s picture shows you one of the sentences that needs to get there. It says: For external use only. Or in other words: Don’t drink, and don’t rub your tongue with it. Even if it smells deliciously.