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Today, in an hour from now, I will meet the press, sort of. A journalist is coming by and visits me at tauerville to see, smell and feel how a perfume is actually made from A to Z. This is a first. I never had journalists visiting my little manufacture. And yesterday night, I was working on some text for another journalist, writing for the Memphis based  “The Commercial Appeal”, a 150 year old Memphis daily newspaper. He will write on Woman’s Picture. Memphis based movie maker Brian Pera made this movie and it will screen this weekend at the Indie film festival in Memphis. Here you find the program: Not to be missed!

I was explaining why I started the long term collaboration with Brian Pera after he contacted me by e-mail to work on a fragrance project linked into Woman’s Picture. Me doing the scents based, inspired on the woman portraits in the film Woman’s Picture.  One sentence I wrote yesterday night went like “It was the first time that someone actually wanted to collaborate with me as perfumer and was genuinely interested in the exchange around the creative act itself. ”

The creative act and the exchange on how a perfume starts to exist in one’s head, what might trigger which decision, what form is chosen for what image, emotion, mood, reflections that play a role in the movie Woman’s Picture: Questions that the perfume creator usually does not pose to himself. Maybe you need an outsider, a sparing partner, who challenges you by asking “why”, in order to truly understand your fragrant composition. I think I have learned a lot about perfume making in the last year.

OK. Let me see that I get off this computer. Never let a journalist wait. Enjoy your day!