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Fragrantica. A review and a thought beyond it

picture credit: Fragrantica

Today, I share with you a review that just appeared on Fragrantica, about my novelties and I invite you to read about the newest release from Tauerville, my other story besides Tauer Perfumes.

Here is the link to Fragrantica (where I got today’s picture, too).

And here’s a thought that goes beyond the review. Tauerville…it is a very successful addition to my core line on Tauer Perfumes. Back then, when I came up with Tauerville, I mentioned that it is my creative outlet and a place where I try new things, like doing facebook ads. There, on tauerville, I am a bit faster, freed myself from packaging efforts by going nice but simple(r) and recently, I even came up with a claim.

Trust your nose ™.

Trust your nose because…. well: We live in a perfume world of too much and too similar and too aqua banalis. A term that a perfumery owner in Italy used when confronted with scents that were nice but not necessary. In this context, I feel it is important to trust your nose. By doing so, you are on the safe side not to fall into concept traps or price traps.

And, maybe you will also realize that there is a red line that goes from Tauer Perfumes to Tauerville and back. The nose behind it all. Tauer, they say, comes with a style. And even if I would try very hard to become different: I could not.

Of course, there’s an irony and the rules of engagement: I also need to use pictures for my tauerville products because at the end of the day it is visuals that create interest, but the nose should guide you when you got your samples.

You can get your tauerville fix these days by sampling, too. Here’s the link to the product page on tauerville. Enjoy!