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from my newsletter: back in Europe again, shipping.

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When I started offering my perfumes in 2005 with Le Maroc pour elle and L’air du désert marocain: I could basically ship them worldwide. Things have changed to a point where I could not send to most places. Yes: shipping perfumes is not easy. One part of the issue is: dangerous goods regulations for alcoholic liquids, more and more strictly implemented.
Part two: the EU is the bad guy, building walls, making it harder and harder to ship there and import /export there.

Therefore, I had to come up with a new shipment infrastructure for the region and I am happy to tell you: these are the countries that I can serve (again) with perfume goods, small and large, except for customized discovery sets.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland
Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway
Poland, Portugal, Romania
Spain, Sweden

Countries that are not listed above: I do not ship perfumes there, even if you ask me to do so.
Discovery sets: you have the choice of a multitude of sets that we put together for you. But – hellas!- I cannot offer customized sets where you choose the samples. Thank you for your understanding.

You find all the miniatures and sample sets here on the shop.
Single samples do not ship .

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