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from the kitchen to the street

with the days getting shorter and the temperatures reaching single digits in the morning, you open the newspaper these days and get all the ads about how to live with a nice couch. Or how to cook nicely. Or how to nestle down. I am less a couch person, but a lab guy. The shorter the days, the more time I spend on my bench playing with scents. At least when the sun has gone down. No idea why this is.

Thus, yesterday, after having finished the first order for my Hongkong distribution partner, I continued working on the Linden blossom. More on this delicate lady follows shortly on Nathan’s blog, where Mandy Aftel and I are exchanging some thoughts and ideas on perfumery and on raw materials such as the Linden blossom.

Is there a need for yet a new tauer? To be honest: nope. Not really. Yesterday, in my meeting with the design guru, where we decided what we will launch in 2011, I addressed this point: We need to find a way to bring stuff from the kitchen to the street. Something like seasonal wear. I guess how to proceed there is work in progress and needs some thinking. And so do the launches for 2011, thus I ask you for your patience there.

Today’s picture shows you a close up of what blooms inside tauer house these days: An orchid of unknown name, pretty much without any fragrance