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Sometimes I read the blogs, and I am always far, far behind. The other day I was on NowSmellThis, trying to figure out how others deal with the flood of new releases. An interesting post, because I cannot handle the new releases anymore: Like many others commenting on NST, I have my list of brands that I follow. And most other releases happen without me even noticing. Usually, the more “inspired” and the more accompanied by pictures a fragrance PR is, the less I am interested. The louder PR folks or websites or blogs or magazines bang on launches, the less I am willing to put my nose on and into it. Thus, I miss most of what happens out there.

On a side note: I had to smile reading some of the comments on the Now Smell This post: There was a short discussion if and amazement that Tauer is an indie brand. Yes, Tauer is an indie line. I guess still being a one man show (with some helping hands of the W.-factor) qualifies for being indie.

Anyhow, I think we go through a phase of perfume exuberance. Too much of too little value. From all sides we are flooded with perfume, and flanking products such as candles, tea, soaps et al.  Thus, I was reading on NST, reading Linda’s comment on fruitchoulis and I wondered why I have never done a fruitchouli. You know: A gigantic peach, with a powdery patchouli, served on a sugar plate. In a sense it might be fun. I have to admit: I cannot properly remember smelling any fruitchouli out there.

I will be doing a hike or two on Friday and over the weekend. Thus, here is your opportunity to tell me which fruitchouli  is actually worth smelling. I feel like I should visit this category and maybe I should try a bit more to smell my way through industry’s exuberance in the coming weeks. Sort of preparing for Pitti Fragrance in Florence on September 9 where we will smell the best that perfumers come up with.