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getting out of routine, watching the sky

When in Russia, I had the chance to get out of the factory routine, and the daily business of facebook and messages and formula and stocking up and writing down things that need to get done. Refreshing!

The next week of getting out of routine will be in a month from now: I will be in LA, and surroundings, launching Ingrid from Tableau de Parfums, I will spend an afternoon-evening with perfume loving fans at the scentbar on November 16. See here for details. And I will spend a few days with not much to do than watching the sky and looking into myself.

This is sort of my privilege, travelling and havingn these down times. Sometimes. The privilege comes with a price to pay, like 12 hours working days, 7 days a week, sometimes. Thus, yes, this week will be like last week: Production from here to there, all day, and in the night mails and stuff.

Due to a couple of unplanned happenings there is coming together a lot at tauer’s in the coming weeks. I talked about PHI- une rose de Kandahar, a refreshing story built around a rose oil from Afghanistan; refreshing as I did not even think for a moment about where I am heading and what I will be doing when I run out of the rose oil that I got for this scent. I guess that’s a good sign: We can still do some serious creative stuff here, like 7 years ago when I started this venture.

Another scent getting ready right now: Ingrid, from Tableau de Parfums, mentioned a couple of times before. I will start pouring bottles next week. And then, off! they’ll go for the US and after mid November for the rest of the world.

And a few other things, that I should probably start talking about soon. Stay tuned, especially if you are in the Zurich area…

And then we will kick off sotto la luna, finally, in the next weeks I shall start working on the labels and the design around it;  I have the conception of this line within the brand in mind and know now exactly what to do there. It will take a while to get the product out, as I want to do a lot of things there, differently and upgraded and so, but I am optimistic that by spring 2014 we will get there…

So you see: A lot to think about when pouring those bottles in the coming days. Tomorrow, I want to talk about Apricot, and what I think about this natural extract that you usually do not find in perfumes, and what it does in PHI. Thanks for coming back. Have a great start into your week.