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getting sample cards today

After a short weekend with a short trip to Milan, I am back to Zurich, and with world saved once again in Southern Europe, I am looking forward to the next few days. Please apologize my sarcasm. Every time I travel south in Europe these days, the comments that I get about the economic and especially about the political situation are getting darker and darker.

Independent of what is happening there and what is not happening there. The coming days will bring me closer to the point where I can (finally) let Noontide petals go. In the sense of ship off the first samples, ordered on the shop, and ship the first bottles into the warehouse. And then I will probably clean my desk and start a new life again. Ha!

Today, I will go and get the printed cards for No 14, Noontide petals, that I need for the sample discovery set, and the printed cards that go into the tin box. And yes, Noontide is No 14. No 13 is missing. For a while at least. And I got a shipment extension installed on the test shop environment. If I find time, I will need to test it and see whether it works according to my needs and whether I understand how to use and configure it. If all goes well, we should be able to extend the range of countries to which we ship samples. In the next weeks. That would help. But, it will not help when it comes to full bottles shipment to Europe, Australia, Far and Near East. There, I still have to come up with alternatives. 

Thus, I am really looking forward to the point when I can do something else than think about Noontide, its launch and all that is related. It is time to move on and in a sense, moving on will mean looking back to No 1-12. Sometimes, I feel, you need to look back, see the path that you marched, in order to get a clearer view of where your path continues.