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gladioli and illustrator

It was time to scan a flower again:  Thus, I share a total scentless Gladiolus with you. One of a bunch of flowers that bloom in pink and magenta and violet colors.

Today, if I can get my brain in painting mode, will see me on Illustrator. For Tableau de Parfums and Evelyn Avenue and Woman’s Picture. In the next day(s) I will get the packaging for the samples and the 50 ml flacon of Tableau de Parfums. The effort that Brian Pera and me put into the sample offering and the perfume presentation (and protection) is gigantic. From a commercial point of view a bit too much. But then: Brian and me are in this for other reasons. The samples, for instance, will come with a teaser DVD that will introduce into the movie world of Woman’s Picture.

I think it is important because the perfumes are inspired by portraits of women in Woman’s Picture. I feel that only by watching the movie, by immersion into the world of Miriam, her mother, her memories, you can fully appreciate the fragrance and why I came up with it the way we will present it soon to you.

Actually, it is even about more. Evelyn Avenue is a panopticom, a street in Memphis, people coming by and leaving, a world of movies, fragrances, and collaboration, a liaison of people and artists. The movie Woman’s Picture that features the inspiring portraits for Tableau de Parfums is one place on Evelyn Avenue where we all meet. There are others.

The fragrances are an entry ticket to Evelyn Avenue and Woman’s picture. And the other way round. I want perfume lovers to watch out and go for a walk on Evelyn Avenue when they get a sample of Miriam, or a purse spray, or a full bottle.

This is way I am sitting here on Illustrator and try to arrange some text on a nice piece of semi transparent, parchment like paper that will go inside every box and every sample envelope.

To learn more on Evelyn Avenue and Tableau de Parfums:  There is  no  better place than Evelyn Avenue, the website. If you visit the Blog now (clicking here) then you learn for instance about the GLORIES, a band from Memphis, and learn how important music is when doing a movie and how Brian came up with music for a particular scene. Follow the link to the Glories and you can download and listen to some of their tracks.

OK… back to Illustrator!