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Goodbye 2016, welcome 2017

It is time to say goodbye to 2016, and welcome to 2017. I wish you all a peaceful 2017.

I am ready for 2017. I cleaned my desk. I archived old folders on my computer. I organized all novelties coming in 2017 together with my design guru body, including some fun and totally not necessary projects that I will do because I just have to do them. Psst: Don’t tell my bookkeeper….I consider this my privilege of being small and independent: There is a lot of room to play and run perfume related projects that might drive some of my business partners crazy because they are sort of not commercial.

Like every year: I won’t come up with new year’s resolutions either. I try to change during the year. By the way: Here’s a great thing and rule of thumb. The human brain is super plastic, meaning it adopts pretty easily. My rule of thumb is: It takes about 2 weeks to build a strong pattern. Like: Let’s assume I have the goal to sit every day for 10 minutes without doing anything, no smart phone in the hand, no music no nothing. Just sitting. I need to do this for about 14 days, trying to build a routine. After 14 days it will have become part of a regular scheme and I will not have to remind me of it. The brain will have learned. The same is true for brushing teeth or anything else….Anyhow:

I won’t do a best of list here, and for sure not a worst of list; like best blog or worst blog, or best perfume or worst perfume, or best retailer or worst retailer. If there’s something I have learned in 2016, then it is: “Best of” is tricky and critics do not like to be criticized or questioned.

I also won’t come up with predictions for 2017; like trends for perfumes, or where the world is heading to. I find the world has lost a couple of degrees of predictability in 2016 which makes 2017 feel like a grab bag.

There’s one thing that I know: 2017 will not be boring.

So let’s tackle it!