Great Valley

I am on my way now to Milan for one day; doing a little video interview with Extrait.it for the upcoming launch of the Pentachords in Italy, where they will be available exclusively for 3 months in Campo Marzio in Roma. I will actually take the train forth and back to get there, but today’s picture nevertheless fits: A little road in the US.

It is a pathway through grassland, that we have seen and hiked for an hour or two  in the Great Valley State Park. We have seen about 10 Coyotes there and the equal amount of rabbits. It was a hike through a state park and we learned how a large portion of the region of the Great Valley must have looked like 200 years ago. Simply beautiful. With lots of yellow grass.

Imagine the sights and sounds in the evening!

Fragrant greetings to you all.