creating scents

hand in hand

Today Nathan published two open letters on his blog, side by side, one by Mandy Aftel and one by myself. We talk to each other, starting an open communication between two perfumers, coming from two angles, sharing the same passion, following the same star.

In the future, we will continue to discuss and share how we create perfumes and how we approach the creative process.

We will do so on two examples: We will work with  FIRE TREE essential oil to create a perfume. And we will work with LINDEN BLOSSOM Carbon dioxide extracts to create a second perfume. Both materials are natural treasures, and challenging yet rewarding to work with.

We chose Nathan’s blog as a platform to exchange and share with our readers. Please visit and leave a comment there to say thank you to Nathan. I will do so in a second. Here you find his post, click here.

Creating perfumes is not easy, an endless seeming galaxy of raw materials demands a careful selection. While creating and exchanging we will for sure come across many decision making points and we will walk over many bridges.

One of the bridges we have just crossed together, hand in hand, with an open mind and a heart that sings.