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Happy bunny post Easter draw

(remark April 26 2014: This draw is closed. See below for the winners)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

Today’s picture: A happy Easter bunny hopping into fragrant land…

Now that the Easter bunny is happy again as its job is done and it can relax for a while: Here’s the annual “Happy rabbit post Easter draw”. Just leave a comment on this post (anything goes) and a valid email (allowing me to reach out to you if you win)  and you’re in.

You can win: 5 sample sets, your choice of 5 samples, in our tin box, 1.5 ml each, spray glass vials. And one winner gets an Explorer Set, 3 x 15 ml travel size spray vials, shipped in a tin box, through Fedex. Both are shipped from Zurich, Switzerland.

For me, this year, Easter was quite busy, seeing me in the “factory” a bit. Factory, by the way, is not what you would think, really. It is two rooms. One for stock, one for  packing and getting shipments ready, and filling bottles. You know: Tauer Perfumes is basically “Andy” and every product that you get from my site or my business  partners  has gone through my hands.

But Easter was also quite busy with fun stuff. I painted a lot. Including another self portrait that I love and consider publishing later. You know: Publishing self portraits is not comparable to putting a selfie up there. It is comparable to publishing a fragrance, launching it and presenting it to the world.Both are very much like making a statement about oneself.

In this context: This is one of many differences when it comes to Tauer Perfumes. I create all my fragrances myself. And this is a big difference, this is all the difference: I am not GIVEN the freedom to create what fits into somebody’s brands. I TAKE the freedom to create fragrances exactly how I want them. For myself first. And later for the world.

Freedom is never something you are given. You have to take your freedom.

Easter, like every year, is also a breaking point for me. It is the time of the year when I start actively planning for autumn: My appearance at the Florence fragrance fair, trips to talk about fragrances and perfumery in other parts of the world, sharing my passion, and trying to communicate that the world of perfumes is bigger than what you find in a duty free.

This year, my post Easter time will see me prepare for the first fragrance from the Sotto la Luna line: Gardenia. Believe it or not: Autumn is around the corner.

Until then: a happy and peaceful spring to you all! And good luck in the draw….

A note on privacy:
As always, I will pick the winners using and will not use your data for anything else than contacting you if you won or shipping you what you won.
This draw is open until the end of this week. The comment section will be closed when the draw is over. We will communicate the winners here on this post, using their name given in their comment.

This draw is closed. The winners of a discovery set:
Lisa Wordbird

Explorer Set winner: