what's up?

heading forward

This morning I am a bit in a hurry. I expect a delivery coming by truck to the factory and I need to be there this morning, hoping that they will get there in the morning. Thus, I am “heading” down there real soon. When picking today’s picture, fitting with the word “heading”, I started wondering where we are all heading to. I am heading towards autumn; in a month from now Pitti Fragranze, THE niche fragrance fair in Italy will soon be over and I will probably be totally exhausted.

The delivery to the factory today: Bottles and pumps and all of it for tauerville. They will be heading to the US, after me having inspected them and put everything together (labels, boxes and inlay). It is kind of a detour as we could have them shipped to the US for filling and packaging right away, but …I am a bit a control freak there. Thus, first things get into my warehouse, get inspected, repacked for air transport and then they leave.

For tauer perfumes, I will need to head towards a new order of tin sliding boxes. The stocks are dwindling there. These boxes are one of the very few things these days that we get from China. The competence to make these kind of boxes in Europe (for an acceptable price) has gone. So they come from China, which is ok. They need work, too.  In light of the recent developments in China, it is my little tauer economic boost programme for China. Not that it would make a big difference, but still: These days everybody starts wondering where we are heading and even in China, the world’s factory, the trees do not grow endlessly and there seems to be a downturn happening that is changing the name of the game (again); these days are really exciting.

I wonder where we are heading to. But for the time being: I am heading for the factory.