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Heracles, without fragrant wonder molecules

Today, maybe hormone driven, I got up at 5 and recorded for 15 seconds on the balcony the birds singing and published it on Instagram where I have an andy tauer chanel. I guess, with Warhol’s “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”  in mind, this is the birds’ 15 seconds of fame.

I do not think that Warhol has anticipated Facebook and Instagram, but he was very right in his ideas. These days, hierarchies are falling, and everybody got some sort of publishing power.

Today’s picture is a small version of an A3 quick pencil drawing that I did yesterday at the end of the drawing class, after having spent 2 hours on another statue (difficult!). This drawing was quick, free flowing, without measuring any distances and it got out right and quite 3D. It is a drawing of a Heracles statue (head only). If you have lots of time: Here’s an overview on wikipedia of what is written about Heracles and his female and male lovers, and whom he killed etc. Quite a lot, actually.

And: Heracles is still famous. And probably still will be in 2000 years.

Anyhow, with everybody being able to publish some sort of content, the world -in my humble opinion- did not get a better place really. And what is published these days will not survive 200 years, and even an analphabet can get his account here and there and start sharing fake politician pictures. The social media are new and as a society we still have to learn to deal with them. It reminds me of the 20ies and 30ies of last century, when the radio was new and the world was not getting out of the economic crisis.

But some things get better. When drawing the Heracles head, I was amazed how wonderful this statue is, how alive and how rich in detail. But, I told myself, the old Greek did not have sophisticated perfumes made with wonder molecules. Ha!