what's up?

Here, heavy load of pollen and work

Another what’s up post after a busy weekend. The weather is great, and so is the pollen load that usually does not bother me too much. Except, when it is really heavy. Best is to stay inside and work. That’s what I will do in an instance, packing perfume, and answer mails in the factory.

Today’s picture shows you a white flower’s detail, lily, blooming these days in the house. I took the picture Sunday morning, and photoshopped it this morning. I kind of like this picture for there is a thin layer in focus only. I will upload a larger copy of it on facebook,  for those interested.

So… Lily: Would be a nice sotto la luna scent, too. What an opulent lady. Her fragrance is simply amazing. Intoxicating yet elegant, in a certain way. But for sure super powerful.  I guess Ms. Lily will have to spend the night out on the balcony in the coming days. I did a base, about two years ago, for Lily, kind of green and powdery: I will need to revisit this base soon, and compare it, with what I have in front of my nose and what the literature says. Think “head space”: Bo Jensen gives some starting information and an interesting link to a patent where folks protected a means to chemically reduce the scent production of cut lily and published some head space data. Interesting! You find the link on Bo Jensen’s site.

Another base that I did over the weekend: Rose. Kandahar rose oil being a central part, (10%), and Sunday saw me adding a couple of layers around it, like thin silk drapery. I also did an apricot-almond base (or cord). But when done with the two of them, I liked the rose so much and found it so soft and gentle: Anything that I will use around it in a formula will need to respect this gentle nature of the rose. Tricky.

And then, finally, I could do the long awaited dilution of the tuberose version 24. Love it. So far, so good, but I will need to have a closer look in the coming days. A closer look: This is true for a couple of other things, like Italy (think:  gloom doom  boom), the brochure that I want to get done and Paris, where I need to go to this week, for a fair. OK. I better get going now. Enjoy your day.