what's up?

hopping around

Today, I am hopping around from here to there and back again. Like a bunny in spring, I guess. And actually, it feels very much like spring today.

This, and the good feeling that comes with the fact that there is now enough juice for 6500 bottles stored in the cellars of tauerville. Those of you who are on facebook can see the 13 12 liter bottles there in my mobile uploads before the aluminum bottles go and hide again in the dark . And yet, there is more fragrance to be made in the coming weeks:
Loretta, the next fragrance in the Tableau de Parfums(R) line will see the world in a few weeks, and will be diluted after a month maturation. Then I need to mix more ZETA, a linden blossom theme. And one or two others.

Thus, it feels like spring today and we are ready to jump into it.