what's up?

hopping off

before hopping onto the bike and biking down from lake Geneva to the Mediterranean: a few things need to get organized. Actually, it is a lot of last minute items that need to be fixed.

I remember  discussing lately how overrated holidays actually are. You spend a lot of time and stress out to get ready. While being somewhere else you constantly try to keep up with your e-mails because the (business) world of today does not allow to be off for two weeks, and when back home you have a pile of stuff that built up.

Nevertheless: I look forward to my bike and the sea on the horizon. Thus, before hopping off: let’s get this stuff done!

Ah… before I forget: Tauer was featured in this weeks German Brigitte. A nice clipping….ending in the sentence: “Das Leben hat wieder dafür gesorgt, dass alles genau passt” (in English:life took care once again that all fits together)