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hot 'n stuff

It got hot here; and -quite normal in middle Europe-we do not have an air condition in the “factory”. Thus, it is the time of the year where I get out of the house early, do my stuff in the factory before it is getting too hot in there, and leave the factory for the paper and office work in the afternoon. Blogging posts are considered office work.

And “do my stuff” translates into: Polishing and labelling air du désert marocain bottles. 1000 bottles are waiting for that.

And after that: 1000 flacons of Une rose de Kandahar and another 1000 flacons. Is is going to be a busy July. And probably a month with shorter blog posts.

Like: Polishing! Why? Because the flacons are produced semi automatically and this means that all of them have a layer of something that needs to be removed.