creating scents

how about an eau fraiche

Today, I have a little secret to share. In today’s picture you see a photo that I did a moment ago: My jasmine bush is still blooming inside the house. Hence I took a photo of one of the “petals” that you find in NOONTIDE petals because I want to share a piece of thought I am digesting lately. Other “petals”, i.e. natural flower extracts: tuberose, ylang, rose, geranium (although this is technically not a clean flower extract)

The picture that I took was a bit dull, to be honest. Mostly grey in grey, showing my fingers holding the flowers: I reworked it right on my camera, adding a blue background and bringing in some softener and make the picture bright and light and naturally looking, and to make it look more in line with the idea of NOONTIDE petals. Sort of.  Basically, I am telling you: Never trust any picture.

Anyhow: I have some liters of NOONTIDE petals sitting in the cellar and am basically just waiting for labels coming from the printer and the new boxes and rest of the new packaging material. (NOONTIDE is going to be the first scent in the new packaging. The rest of the line will follow over an epic long time period that will feel like an eternity to some). Thus, soon, I will be ready. Before diluting the concentrate that was sitting patiently for weeks in the cellar, maturing and -contrast to us- getting better with age, I was doing last dilution tests. Just to be on the safe side and checking whether I got what I had in mind. Kind of reproducing things before going full scale.

I ended up doing a lot of different dilutions, covering the range from 1.5 to 15 %, just out of the blue, as I was curious to see what happens. And, now, I am sitting here, with a small bottle of 4% NOONTIDE petals that is just lovely. Different (a bit) to the Eau de toilette (10%) that I will launch in a couple of weeks, but lovely. I used it daily for the last couple of weeks. Spraying generously, an eau fraiche that can be used à discretion.  Quite lovely, indeed. Less lasting, less deep, but bright and fresh and aldehydic and….  Anyhow. I already told my designer that we need to pick up a color code for the labels going with NOONTIDE petals eau de toilette that allows to go a touch brighter for an eau fraiche version. I am not entirely sure whether he loved the idea of adding complexity. I do.

And here’ s the next idea. How about NOONTIDE breeze?  Ah well… I guess I am filling and boxing too many bottles these days. This repetitive work kind of brings a lot of ideas.

But back to this post’s topic. You like the idea of an eau fraiche for NOONTIDE petals from Andy?