Hurry up….

good morning from the factory where (yesterday) the picture of today was taken. Me, taking a quick break with a Phtaloblue bottle in my hand. It is somewhat funny because

my shoes are blue
the flacon is one of very few left in the perfumes factory shelves.

The truth: already now we have 100 + bottles ordered by retailers that we cannot ship because we do not have stock and will not get stock. Ha!

There is still some stock left in some warehouses over the world, though. But I decided , for 2020, not to produce moreof Phtaloblue. I guess summer 2021 it will be back. Right now: priority one is to keep up with orders for the two desert perfumes (l’air du désert marocain and Au Coeur Du Désert) and with communications. There, I also decided to stop answering some questions, like where we ship what. This information together with much more is available online on tauerperfumes.com/terms.

I call this streamlining B2C communications. Ha!

(after 200 emails explaining that you do not ship to Saudi Arabia (for instance…..) this comes as a relief. (..) And my team mate is thanksful, too).

My observation: in 2020 a lot of things changed. People have more time, it seems. And everybody is online, it seems. And online, there are no borders and limits it seems.