what's up?

husch und weg

Today’s picture confirms probably all conceptions of tauer’s “factory life” being fun and easy going. Well, yes and no. Last week was kind of crazy, very tiring to be honest, and the weekend was super busy; packing stuff in the factory and getting things ready for shipment.

I did the illustration Friday afternoon, at the end of a long week, in anticipation of next week, that started today. Of course, it is a highly allegorical picture. I am out of town for a couple of days, flying west now.

The task for the coming days: To think.

It is very close to ten years now that I started this venture “tauer perfumes”, a fun little nothing, not really serious back then. A bit more serious after a couple of years; my salary coming for there for 4 years now. I have seen a lot during these years; a lot has changed. I guess a lot of perfumer friends and perfume lovers would agree. The other day, a perfumer friend and me discussed and came to the conclusion that  “there is a lot of negative energy in there these days”. “Covering all areas. Which is a bit saddening, actually”, we both said, “as perfumes are to be enjoyed”.

So you see: There’s a lot to think about about. And to plan. Because, … well… me thinks: the only way to fight this negativism out there is to smile, make perfumes and be confident that the sun will always shine on those who smile.

So I will think about perfume, the liquid dream stuff.

Ah, and yes: I will paint.

I’ll be back soon and hope that your week will be sunny, and comes with lots of smiles. Enjoy!