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Hyacinth and other treats

It is spring in Zurich, for sure and for real and it is fantastic. The hyacinths are in bloom on the veranda, more than last year as I planted more bulbs in autumn. Not all of them are equally fragrant and they do not smell exactly the same. But they smell and it is very inspiring, indeed.

And it is not the only thing that smells. With the warmth of the March sun, the damp earth smells of rotten leaves and mushrooms and more. Maybe I realize it more because I am dealing with it when keeping the weeds under control or when replanting (pique) the various seedlings that grow these days in the house of tauer: Tomatoes, egg plant, paprika, and a couple of vegetables that I have never tried. Exciting and so far: Success.

Quite a success was also the Fruitchouli flash on Tauerville: If you haven’t tried it yet…. well, you might want to give it a try. It is good. I do not offer samples on Tauerville, but you find the fruitchouli online at your favorite tauer retailers. So yes, Fruitchouli is doing nicely. With one side note: I think, just because of the name, a lot of perfume lovers think “this is not a serious perfume”. Which is a bit odd. I mean: In light of what IS taken seriously (no names here)…

There for sure is less humour in the community than I’d thought. And it is a pet line of me: Don’t take perfume too serious.

Not even me, when composing, take things entirely seriously: The other day I was working on a couple of ideas. One of them is green, super green, and fresh, and more. It is a fun idea, totally not meant to be an oeuvre that will change the world. Just a fun idea and it actually turned sort of nice. And it fits with the spring mood these days.

Also fitting with the spring mood these days: This week I will be packing a lot of perfume boxes, for a shipment leaving the factory in a couple of days. Busy days ahead.