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in last minute preparation mode

We are entering in full last minute preparation mode these minutes: Pitti Fragranze is ante portas, and on Thursday we hit the train to Florence (hence the picture, although the train in the photo is the Bernina express train, seen 10 days ago).  In order to get into the Italian grove we went to the movies yesterday and watched “mine vaganti (click here for the trailer)” . Not the average Italian family, though. But it was good entertainment and distraction from boxing and packing.

The next two days see us making more stock , and getting ready for the days after Pitti. Then, we will engage into soap making mode, as I got an order for my X-mas soap that -my efforts paid- ends up as X-mas for a Zurich pharmacy. I consider it a test ground for my capacity in soap scenting and pouring (how many can we possibly make in a day?), and I hope it will turn into a cool marketing return for the brand, and a nice X-mas gift of the pharmacy for its top clients.

They have a lot of clients.

We need to get 100 kg soap and do so today.