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In Switzerland, Terroir Perfumes glowing soon

If you happen to speak German, or trust Google’s translator, here’s a link for you. Ah, yes, you need facebook, too.  (In a week or so, however, the website of RichardLüscherBritos will be updated with my German text, too.) There (click here) , I talk about the beginning of a collaboration that is unique, for me, and that resulted in the creation of a terroir fragrance, for them by me.

For me, it was going back to the roots, with joy and passion. For them, it is the beginning of a great venture. Them is RichardLüscherBritos, and they just started an all natural, terroir based fragrance line that is beyond the ordinary. This collaboration was one of the reasons why I – after the scent was already created and finished- visited the Causse Méjan. I wanted to experience the terroir, the landscape, compare it with what I created, wanted to feel the wind, the rough soil, the bees, the sheep, the little pine trees and sit next to the wild lavender growing there.

I was there this summer, end July, and the lavender was in full bloom. It is little patches of lavender, no fields, and it grows wild. The essential oil, from plants collected by a woman’s cooperative, allowed to harvest the wild lavender in this natural park area, this essential oil is beyond the ordinary. It comes from these geographic area: 44°N- 3°E. This is the terroir.

One of my challenges when composing this fragrance: The wind. How do you create wind? Yes, that was part of the brief…

This is the first of three articles going  to be published on facebook, in German, where I write about the creation of this scent and the collaboration with the two guys and one girl.

Ah, and yes, the fragrance 44N 3E is not your standard all natural “fume”. I composed it with essential oils, absolutes, resins and no isolates, and nothing else; it is spectacular, lasts forever, and glows like a brilliant cut diamond. It is quite remarkable, indeed.

 Today’s picture: A sketch of a lavender sitting on stony ground, done on the ipad, July 2013, in the Haute Sevennes, Causse Méjan.