creating scents

in the mood

I love statistics and like most human beings I am always looking for patterns here and there. So, the other day, I was looking when I create most of my perfumes that end up later as products somewhere on a shelf. Or better said: When I started working on them. I realized: It is October. The statistical basis is limited, of course, but still: There is a pattern there.

And like most human beings, once you find a pattern, you start wondering why there is a pattern. One of the blessings and one of the human tragedies: We need to explain our world.

Thus, today’s picture, me in the mood to mix, but missing an explanation really. Usually, October is the busiest month for me. Maybe it is like a balance: Mixing scents and coming up with new ideas while trying to churn out all the parcels.

Anyhow, I was -like in previous years- in the mood recently and worked on a couple of ideas; failing mostly but as always: the journey starts with the first step. Let’s see where we are heading there. What I am pretty sure about, however, is: November will bring me to New York. Nov. 7 I shall visit Twisted Lily there, in Brooklyn, and present my line, and I will hand out samples of Dark Mysterious Woods (running title), a scent that is done and finished but I have not decided what to do with it. Maybe I’ll learn it there, in NY.