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After a great weekend with a lot of jogging and an (almost) new record time (107 minutes) for my 2o km: Back to perfumery. Today we finish putting everything into the shipment boxes and pack everything for a the truck shipments to retailers. And we will do some dilutions of perfume: 50 liters of air and  25 liters of Lonestar Memories. Since we got our heavy duty fire extinguisher I feel a little bit more comfortable doing so. If you ever feel like pouring 20 liters of ethanol: Make sure to prevent spark formation….we prevent electrical charge build up by earthing the equipment (metal funnel and alu cans) using metal wires.

Anyhow: A production day is ahead!

And sometime, somewhere, over the rainbow, we  plan to discuss in a meeting with the design gurus the fold  inlay and our plans for autumn 2011. We need to start now discussing when and if we want to launch what in autumn 2011. And how we communicate about it. well.

The picture of today shows you the inlay, not folded. If you fold it properly, it will hold the flacon neatly in place inside the box. Its color is blue with a bit bling-bling (just a bit) of silvery reflections in the paper (300 gr/m2). The design is perfect but the folding with my clumsy fingers is taking a bit too long.