creating scents


Yesterday, I was walking from here to there, for a couple of hours, through spring and forest land. Just wonderful. The green on the trees is still very delicate and does not cover the forest, yet. All the light get still down to the ground where it warms the moist mushroomy earth and caresses the mosses and baby trees.

In about almost all interviews that I give  the question of the inspiration comes up, and I quite often end up talking about nature being a source of inspiration. Which is true and is not true at the same time. Nature is often a starting point. A point from where you move on, being carried away. Look at today’s picture: There is a perfume in there. Not that I have written anything down in my big fat excel file harboring all formulas, but it is there, lingering. Can you see it?

Ah, and yes, maybe one word about seasonal scents. The other day, I was on one of the perfume platforms where folks discuss scents. They discussed a perfume that sort of appeared recently and there was sort of a consensus that a launch of this perfume now does not make sense, as it is “for the cold season”. And I go like “how wrong this is”. It is so northern hemisphere centered. And so much centered around an idea that summer asks for light scents. I do not agree there. These days, we spend most of our time at plus/minus 20°C anyhow, AC conditions, like eternal spring for our delicate bodies. And what is the light cologne for one, might be the heady vintage for others. And then, what is our summer is the winter down there.

Maybe I am wrong there, but when I am thinking about new fragrances, the season is completely 100% off the radar. I mean: I do not create a scent just for a season. In both senses of the word.