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Inspiration lingers everywhere and a pre-spring cleaning of a clustered desk

So it felt like early spring yesterday. The sun got through the early morning fog and it got warm and it truly felt like spring for a moment. Actually, I only wanted to get rid of a few pieces of paper on my desk, but what started innocently as a little engagement turned into a battle and lead to an empty desk. Cleaned of everything that is not needed anymore. It is free from any past activities. Most of them were 30 ml glass vials with perfume trials. I had a lot, really a lot of them.

While getting rid and reorganizing all the remnants of past searches, of despair  and painful trials I grouped all perfume experiment vials:

The Linden blossom related: All gone to heaven, except for the final version.

The fire tree essential oil related searches, discussed on the open letters with Mandy Aftel in Nathan Branch’s blog: I keep all them, but put them aside as I have a version that needs to mature and that I consider sort of finished.

A secret perfume development: Same situation … I consider it sort of finished.

A secret perfume development : 90% finished and put aside for fine tuning in the coming weeks.

All rose soap trials neatly put together and stored away.

Another secret perfume development, on which I worked for 2 years: finished, and all experimental in between versions gone to heaven except for the final perfume.

My desk is empty. I have enough fragrances to launch for two years. And with the empty desk I feel like starting new compositions. Inspiration lingers everywhere, for instance in the kitchen (see picture of today…)

I wonder where this will end.