I love to waste my time on Google’s art project. I think it is just absolutely wonderful that we are given this opportunity and like to scroll with my finger tips over centuries, looking at paintings in details like you could not when standing in front of it. Amazing. Here’s the link: 

Thus, you can study for instance Albrecht Durer’s HARE, in all detail and see how he did its eyes. Here is the link to the picture. Enjoy!

When not wasting my time, I am packing things these days. And discussing and thinking about packaging of the future. Like yesterday, when meeting with Donovan from the Designer’s Club in Zurich. We had a look at the model of the tin box with a sliding opening mechanism and came up with a few details that need to be modified. But all is in green territory there. The next step will be to design the paper/cardboard that goes (partly) around the tin box. On a side note: having the opportunity to actually test ideas with 1/1 models is fantastic. What might look great on paper feels different in reality. Picking an object and holding it in your hand is all the difference.

So, yes, we do sort of a combo. The tin box holds the perfume, protects it, is innovative and new. The paper/cardboard that is in one way or another wrapping and protecting the metal box from scratches, allowing to provide information and, also very important, making a link to “standard packaging” that the consumer knows. The consumer knows “Cardboard Boxes”. I learned in the past that the naked metal tin box was a bit too far away from what consumers expect from a perfume packaging. Thus, I want to reference this standard, without actually using it.

It is quite amazing how complex all this is. People want innovative, new, unique things. But still, people want what they know. It seems to me.