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inventing roses

or “re-inventing” roses. Today’s picture to the left shows you a rough sketch that I did a while ago, in search of ideas. A quick, flashy sketch. In reality, it is only 15×20 cm, watercolor on paper, using a thick brush.

But it looks almost like a graphiti. On a pale blue wall. There is something fragile in there, a transient element. And a code-like element. The rose being reduced to a code consisting of flower petals in semi-3D. I will use this picture one fine day. It has a special quality and I almost always fiddle around with roses…

I just love my roses, and when it comes to perfumes, I love them even more.

At Pitti in Florence, I was asked by a perfume lover about the size of my palette. I mentioned that it is smaller than the average palette in this industry. Maybe I am using more naturals, though. Anyhow: I was then asked whether it is possible to create something new with a palette that is limited and does not contain -for instance- cashmeran. (one of the many molecules that you find in many scents, these days even in notes descriptions for perfumes)

“This is the best starting point!”, I said. “you can re-invent roses every day. There is no limit really.”

There you go: The universe is enormous, but it’s building blocks are very few; some 118 elements. I know… this is kind of a simplification.

But still: there is plenty of room out there.