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Fragrant greetings from Zurich, where I am behind commenting the comments on yesterday’s post and some facebook posts. Sorry! But here’s the thing: When headind for the factory, I run out of my data package for Switzerland on the ipad, and loading more data by paying for them did not work. It turned out yesterday evening that paying actually worked, but the 2 GB data package vanished within seconds. As I tried and tried and tried, through my credict card (this post could also be called steaming credit card), I got suspicious and ended up getting technical support, on the ground, in the shop.

Better said: I ended up in the shop, waited an hour for the support and got it, during another hour. Don’t get me wrong: I do not complain, was very well served, but it is a very weird thing happening on my ipad and their interface, kind of freightening. But as I got there early and did not wait, there is no doubt that my many credit card payments will be reimbursed.

But I makes you aware that your money is zero and ones, bits and byets, somewhere. Time to buy farmland…

Anyhow, as you know: I am not good at waiting. I did this sketch while doing so yesterday.

£Anyhow: Thank you for following this post and reading all this way down. I am also not good in waiting when it comes to fragrances.  Especially, when creating. Creating -for me- translates often in a lot of trials. With a little bit too much of this, too little of that, nothing of this or overdose of that. Sometimes, on a scale of 10 grams trial size, 10 milligram make the difference. Or 2 gram when overdosing. And, also because I use a lot of naturals, things get very complex, very swiftly, and sort of unpredictable.

Thus, I am impatient, the very moment when I have mixed a formula, I want to know the result. In order to see whether I end up with a scent that is of the NO! category, or whether I got a chance to make it better.

The dramatic mistakes: You get them right after mixing. The fine details: You need to wait. At least a week. The mixture needs to mature. Better 2-4 weeks. And then dilute it, and wait again.

You get the message. A lot of waiting for a NO!