drawings from the museum

it is 9 days before X-mas and I am getting ready for 2017

It has been quite a while since I found time and muse to write here on the blog. A lot has happened since then: My computer crashed a couple of times after updates/upgrades and convinced me that it is time to get  a new one. That will be part of the action plan 2017.

One reason why I went silent here: We shipped orders like crazy the last few weeks. From soaps to body oils to perfumes in all sizes and yes: That’s nice! And now, 9 days before the holidays, I am getting ready myself, too: Getting some gifts for the kids, printing holiday greeting cards, and trying to calm down after busy days. Actually, the prototype of the card is being printed just now. I am using a watercolor drawing from last year.

Today’s picture shows you some pencil drawings from the archeological museum where I had my regular drawing class yesterday. The guys to the right were fast sketches, where I sort of draw freely, just a few minutes, to capture something like a look or a pose. The picture to the left is a detailed study that took about 2 hours, trying to be precise and correct and all. Difficult!

The funny thing: I sometimes like the fast sketches that are not accurate and not detailed better.

For 2017 there is also a perfume action plan, of course, and the perfume(s) are detailed studies, so to say: Elaborated for weeks, months, years. Besides this defined action plan: I am tempted to add one fast perfume sketch…We will see.

What we will also see: 2017 will come with a travelling action plan. Because I learned: personal visits and appearances make all the difference. But I need some planning there. Thanks for staying tuned.