what's up?

it is the season

Yesterday, the travel agency Tauer booked the upcoming travels for November, December. Some of them at least, bringing me in December to London, and end November to the Duftcontor in Oldenburg, and a few other places. I still haven’t decided on Paris, although I should but I do not really feel like going there in late autumn. But I will hit London, for a day, for an event with Les Senteurs, at their new shop! More details will follow.

Maybe I get another chance to use my Harrods card that I got to take advantage of discounts? We will see. Time will be right for X-mas presents shopping by then, and hopefully the X-mas preparation panic mode kicked in.

Later in the day, I had to hit downtown. The blue Zurich tramway transported my vulnerable body that has not adjusted to the season and Zurich’s late autumn groove into town. It poured and was cold. And it was grey. The orange cover of my ipad and the light from the pad’s display felt like the star over Bethlehem in a cold world at the edge of abyss.

Everybody around me, inside the tramway and outside behind its wet windows, seemed to have migrated to an other place. It did not seem a happy place, though. Faces were grim and not happy. It’s the season. Time for hot tea, cocoa, serotonin lifting chocolate, drinks, cigarettes if you smoke.

And time for colognes. Although perfume lovers mostly talk about colognes in summer, when they enjoy the cologne’s refreshing character, right now is  the perfect time, too. Colognes are sun bottled. The core structure is lemon and bergamot oil with neroli and rosemary ( and a few others) for the contrast. Think 50% lemon and bergamot essential oil in my upcoming cologne: The sun from Sicily in a bottle. Citrus oils are mood lifters, too. And the nice thing about colognes: You can reapply every 30 minutes. That’s a lot of sun over the day. And we sure need the sun these days.

Today’s picture: a flash back to Southern California. The sun over the semi desert. A place next the highway, where we stopped for a second. The sun is just wonderful there in the afternoon in autumn.