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IT, Sci Fi and some distractions

Yesterday, after a few IT worries with the blog (all solved by now, thanks to the helping hands and minds of Andi from Square.ch), after 200 perfumes packed with four hands all thanks to the W.-factor, and with the stock markets tumbling down the hill, we decided to hit the movies and get some distraction.

It sure helped.We got distracted. By aliens and kids and fathers not understanding their kids.

One day, one fine day, when Brian and me are done, or rather: when we make a pause with Woman’s picture (as woman’s picture is a ten years project), one fine day, I will need to ask Brian to make a Sci-fi with and for me. I love aliens (in the movie, not in perfume bottles), and star ships and the idea of moving on and out into space  (and there are so little really good sci-fi’s out there. One of my favorites: Bladerunner. And space odyssey 2001.)

Unfortunately, these days  we do not seem to dream about moving on and out into space very much.

On the other hand, life on earth is sometimes so fascinating: Maybe it is our destiny to first get to know and love our planet and move on later.

While I think about this question. and a few others, I will continue packing perfume. And believe it or not: I do it with joy.

Today’s picture: A flower from planet earth, seen on 2000 meters above sea level in Switzerland.