marketing and branding


Today’s picture shows you an (unfinished, maybe) watercolor painting that I did last week outside, a little path in the botanical garden. It is unfinished, maybe, as I actually should/wanted to add some shadows and a bit of color to the path that is a half circle in the middle of the picture. But I was scared of destroying it all by making a mistake. When I told this to my teacher, he simply said: OK, do it again! And when you reached the point where you are now, you can try your ideas on your second picture.

That’s what I did, but am still undecided about adding another line more.

So you see: Here’s the allegory. The more you have reached, the more you might get scared of losing it all.

This is true for all sorts of things. And it is a trap. From time to time, I try to remember this. Thus, from time to time, I am trying to jump out of the box, to look into the mirror and tell myself: It is time for another game. Do something “crazy”, maybe, dare painting this extra line that might change it all. Gardenia sotto la luna isn’t this jump. Although, when you smell the fragrance, you might realize that it speaks a slightly different language compared to my other creations. I think -as a creator- I moved forward there. In my upcoming exclusive interview with Persolaise, a discussion really, of many facets, the why’s and how’s and what if’s, you might find out more, soon. Persolaise announced this three-part interview yesterday, and it will probably go live very soon. Three parts as we talked and talked and talked, and just could not stop. I am  very much looking forward to it.

Gardenia, however, is not me jumping out of the box.

Jumping out of the box means something different. Like: Opening up a niche store in Swaziland. Or make buyers become sellers. Stuff like that. Or using a social media sales approach, where you get a product and pay indirectly, by giving away your data, your interests, your network. But how this would translate into the material world of perfume, this I do not know.

You know: I a marketplace where Tom Ford has become the synonym for niche, one has to move on forward, and dare painting this extra line.