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Land Your Inventory Early, and a rose de Kandahar crime story

The guy poking his tongue out at nobody (!) in particular, this might be the devil of logistics. The rest of what you find in today’s quick sketch: No idea, really. It was a procrastination exercise a couple of days ago.

Well, maybe it is comparable to Odin’s ravens: Bringing the news of the world. Here’s a the wikipedia article to this mythological picture. Thinking and looking into my sketch again: Actually, my figure has one eye only, too, like Odin. So there you go: It might not be a devil, but rather “Odin, the furious one” (link here).

Odin hrafnar  (By user:Ranveig (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

So there we go: my sketched raven actually brings you news.

First things first: PHI-une rose de Kandahar is going to come back. Yes. Uff. It will be end November, though. The closer you are to Switzerland, the earlier probably. By December 1 PHI-une rose de Kandahar should be back in the US, in the stores, on the shelves, too.

Yes: I made enough to offer it to most stores, also Italy.

I haven’t been talking about this rose de Kandahar that’s sold out since early this year because, well… because it was a logistics and sourcing nightmare from A to Z. I will go into some details next week, I guess. Some of the details are interesting, as they highlight the troubles that you run into when you, a brand, tries to do things differently. You know: Rare raw materials, hand made flacons, exclusive packaging… so there you go: Next week more’s to come.

And then: I got my shipwire newsletter this morning, telling me to “land my inventory early”. Specifically: Before November 20. Shipwire runs my warehouse shelves in the US. Not that it is entirely new to me, but… suddenly, suddenly, it is there: The shiver running down the spine. Oh, my …the holidays are coming! And like every year: We are not entirely prepared for it, yet. Time to get into “land your inventory early”-mode now. Off we go to the factory. Packing perfume.