general thoughts

last minute preparations

Sorry for not talking too much lately. I was busy filling the tauer factory with stock of some goods before I leave for the US for a trip that will bring me to Chicago (Q Brothers), LA, SF (Tigerlily) and back to LA again for events. In LA I will be attending the Awards ceremony of the Institute of Art and Olfaction. So cool! So the last few days were pretty busy.

The trip is one I am actually looking very much forward too. It is a long time since I was in Chicago. And coming back to San Francisco, even when only for a day, is always great. And LA is cool anyhow.

It will be a tauer perfumes week, that’s for sure. Hence, today’s picture. The Tauer Perfumes tin box.

When back from the trip, it will be time to plant out the tomato seedlings (if they survived) and a couple of other plants that I grew from seeds successfully so far. And I will have to start producing perfumed goods for the upcoming holidays, the X-mas holidays. I ordered a lot of stuff and when back from the US, my tauer perfumes factory will start filling. That’s the plan. What will happen… well, you never know what you gonna get.