what's up?

letting go for a moment

Here, I am almost ready for the summer break. A few last day emergencies need my attention, as always, and then we are ready to hit the road, with the bike, for a round trip bringing us back home in about 2 weeks. That’s the plan. The house is in order, a housekeeper moving in, so to say, the shop back-up is organized and instructed, and Sotto la luna Gardenia is at a state where I can leave it for a week or two.

Although, to be honest: This is not easy. As much as I really, really need a break: It is not easy letting go right now. It is just too exciting. But then, I guess, the repetitive up and down on the bike will be perfect to think about what’s next with Sotto la luna, starting to look beyond September when I launch it.

You know, the launch is half the cake. Maybe the easier part. When smelling my Gardenia, inspired by the imagery of a gardenia blooming under the moon, I feel it is one of the best fragrances that I have ever created, so far. But a scent can be perfection bottled, still: Perfume lovers need to know about it. Thus, September will see me spreading the news. And sharing more that I could not share so far, for many reasons. I am looking forward to that, to talking to you, and I hope you will spread the news, too.

I am looking forward to that, and to sharing a couple of pictures of me and my bike and where it brought me.

So there we go: Please stay tuned…More’s to come here again, shortly.