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Levkojen and PENTACHORDS presentation in June.

Today’s picture shows you a quick photo that I took yesterday before giving the bunch of Levkojen aka Matthiola away. I bought them at a flower shop nearby where I stop on a regular basis. The woman owning the shop buys a lot of flowers that are fragrant and she cares for special flowers you cannot get at your local supermarket. Like the Matthiolas.

Their fragrance is breathtaking: Think clove, lots of clove, with something that reminds in tuberose, basically it smelled like clove loaded with salicylates. Salicylates are powdery and give any perfume a more expensive touch, make it bigger in a sense. And tuberose is heavy loaded with them.

I passed by the flower shop on my way back by bike from town where I bought the train ticket for Rome. Yes! On Monday, I will close this blog for a week and spend 5 days with friends in Rome. Friends that I know since I am 16 and we spent a few happy days in Rome 20 years ago. Hence, time spend some time there again. And, to be frank, I am tired and I need a rest and air to think about the upcoming months.

So I passed by the flower shop, got the Matthiolas and went home, where I turned on the computer to book my flights. Yes! Rome again. But this time for entirely professional reasons. I will travel to Rome on June 17, to officially show the first time on planet earth the PENTACHORDS. I will do so at Campo Marzio’s flagship store in via Vitoria. Afterwards, Campo Marzio will have the pentachords exclusively until September.  I decided to do so because usually in the past, my Italian friends always got the new things as the last which is odd as I ship more perfumes to Italy than to any other place. Thus, I figured: Time to show the pentachords there first.

I will be back soon again with my last post before traveling to Rome and a little draw. Thus, stay tuned.