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Lights and day 21 of the advent calendar

Welcome to day 21 of my advent calendar. It is nice to see you here and read all your comments.  Thank you!

It’s about the lights, I thought, when hitting downtown Zurich yesterday. Snow was falling in thick, wet flocks that were melting into black roads and there were lights everywhere. Lovely. Also lovely was the fact that we found the pink fluffy thing that was on the very top of the  short wish list of young Ms. J. who can’t read yet so it is safe to mention it here. Ha! Super fluffiness and total pinkness combined. A dream come true for any desperate uncle.

It is about the lights, I thought and I remembered my mother visiting me 20 years ago during the holidays, in College Station, TX. It was the longest flight of her life, she couldn’t say one word in English except hello,  and we were all very happy when she finally landed in this university town in the middle between Houston and Dallas where I did some university studies and when she finally got out of the little plane in this sweet little airport. It was her first trip to the US and she could not believe how different things were. All the lights! All the houses decorated for the holidays. This was 20 years ago and back then, mostly, we would not place holiday (chains of) lights on trees and place hohoho men in public places in Switzerland. So, College Station was different, and both of us loved the lights and flying over and into College Station was like flying into a fairy tale.

It’s all about the lights, I thought downtown Zurich, where I delivered some Incense extrême to Pascal, with my moustache still smelling of NOONTIDE petals, as I touched it with a soaked paper strip before leaving tauerville. The paper strips was soaked with my newest creation that has seen the light these days. Still a mixture, a concentrate, it needs to mature and go into dilution and I need to get stickers and labels done and so on, but it is here, in my cellar and I am flooded with stellar  happiness.

I may not be able to ship it right now, as the online shop logistics is still unsolved right now, partially at least, and it may need another 2 months until the scent is actually ready, but I am happy that it is here. It is the brightest floral that I have ever created. A thousand flower petals in bright sunlight.

It is all about the lights, I thought, and was very happy indeed. “light” is missing in the list of the parameters of a good perfume by E. Roudnitska. In today’s picture you see an old, worn out piece of paper that sits on my desk’s lamp, where I wrote down his parameters: volume, tenacity, but also clarity, delicacy, radiation, strength and unique character. “Light” would fit perfectly there.

Today, I got up before the sunlight hit Zurich. A busy day: We are running out of Mandarines Ambrées soaps. Time to make more today!

Thus, today is your chance to win another fragrant soap, made for friends and family mostly, fresh from tauerville. Just leave a comment, and -if you feel like it- do you place lights and candles and stuff for the holidays?

The comments are closed for this draw. Please visit day 22 of the advent calendar for your next chance to win. Thank you!