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lilac after the rain

Today’s picture shows you a lilac, dark violet variety, after the rain, seen yesterday in the Zurich Nord area, while doing a sequence of flower sniffing video shoots. This was part of an extended afternoon video interview session that will ultimately, hopefully, end up on Swissinfo.ch, the Swiss information web portal. The video interview was a joint chat with Vero Kern, founder and nose of Vero.Profumo, on a variety of perfume related aspects. Among other things, we talked about scent memories, how it is to be an artisanal perfumer, how and what might have changed in the industry in the last 20, 30 years, what inspires and why we do what we do.

Well, I guess, and Vero said so too: You need to be brave and a touch crazy to start a venture within this field.  Both of us are now a couple of years present in the markets. In a sense, we are already getting classics in this super fast evolving field. But without getting rusty! Vero.profumo is having its 5th birthday right now. There is a great 50 samples celebration give-away on the Campomarzio70 facebook site (starting May 14th) and you have the chance to win one of 50 samples of a great new scent that almost nobody had a chance to smell. I did and can tell you it is sure worth taking your chance to win.  It all starts on May 14 and thus, stay tuned and make sure you do not miss it.

So that was a busy and intense day, yesterday. And in the evening, I basically just passed out, as this was the 3rd interview in a row this week. As much as it is fun talking into a camera about oneself, it is intense, and even if you forget the camera after a while, I remain in a state of high attention. But on my way home, I passed by my florist’s shop and yes! I got my gardenia pot and look forward to flooding you with gardenia posts.

The lilac, by the way, was heaven on earth. Almost too much.  Damp, sweet, and intense lilac after a heavy rain in the afternoon sun.