Linden blossomscents

Linden blossom fragrance matures

We got the tickets for Milano, heading there for a day towards the end of this week, in order to discuss a few 2011 things with my Italian business partner who takes so much good care on my brand in Italy. I will discuss the plans for the coming months and the scents of spring. And the LINDEN BLOSSOM scent. I hope that I have all ready by April to ship the bottled fragrance that is playing with the Linden blossom note, and that I built around a natural Linden blossom Carbon Dioxide extract from Bulgaria. If interested: you can find out more on the development of this fragrance on the open letters series on Nathan Branch’s blog, clicking here.

I calculated the price of all the raw materials going in there. … oups. When I create a fragrance I do not think too much about its price. Actually, I do not think at all about its production costs.  Thus, I realized (again), how complex and rich this fragrance is. It is a very flowery composition, with lots and lots of roses, a neroli – citrus chord, an added orange blossom absolute line, ylang, tons of sandalwood essential oil, vanilla carbon dioxide and an overdosed linden blossom essential oil addition.

I will present the fragrance as part of a separate line within the brand, called Collectibles, in green 50ml pentagonal flacons and a different labeling concept that should underline the artistic, limited and exclusive aspect of the fragrance. The first batch of 1000 flacons are ordered and I should get them in March.

The scent is mixed and sits in the cellar, maturing as reddish-orange juice, about the same color like the middle point of the pear in the picture to the left. I bought it on Saturday because it looked so yummie and because the color fits neatly with the color of the fragrance concentrate that needs to mature for another 3-4 weeks.

I will dilute it when I am back from my trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

And yes, the pear has not survived the weekend.