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liquid poesy and pinterest

Today’s picture shows you what I did in the factory, yesterday: Samples, Orange Star samples in this particular case, filling vials and putting the labels on for the various references by the hundreds. Again, I am building up stock, at least a bit, like a squirrel in autumn collecting nuts and storing them for winter, forgetting sometimes about it. Actually, when it comes to samples, we are sort of pretty well organized. Each reference has its little box and as all samples look the same, almost (except for the color of the fragrance inside), no sample gets out of the factory without labels being put on first. The labels get on there after I filled a batch of 100 or so.

This is important; otherwise there is a growing risk of messing up samples and what is inside. My nightmare!

Anyhow; with the samples stock filled, the boxed Gardenia stock from Sotto la luna filled, with the samples of Gardenia going out soon to retailers globally, allowing them to smell and stock up themselves, I am sort of getting ready for the next thing(s). 

Next things:

Making sure that you will be able to get samples of Gardenia by August 15. This means: Communication work ahead. First step: newsletter to retailers. Second step: Newsletter to clients. Third step: Talking  about it, Gardenia. Tauer’s newest. Tauer’s most poetic. This is difficult. Talking about scents is not easy.

Liquid poesy, that’s what this Gardenia under the moon actually is. Therefore, the next stop: Pinterest.

So there you go: the next thing is me  trying to get into pinterest. And me at constant danger of getting lost in this universe of pictures. I have to admit: Pinterest is so tempting. I just made a first step into this new universe, opening up my account and publishing some pins (in case you are interested here’s the link).

I am not really sure yet where I am heading there and where pinterest might bring me, but I love what I see there. So I started, you know: If you want to eat an elephant, do it in small bites.

Do you use pinterest?