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London party

Today’s picture shows you a scan of a protea, a plant like from an other planet. Actually, it is from South Africa and we got the flower as a gift from guests yesterday. Spacey, right?

End next week, I will be -not on another planet- but another place: I visit the UK again. If you live in the area of London: Consider reserving an hour or so on Saturday, October 9, and let Ronny from Scents and Sensibility know. She organizes a party, to get together, sniff roses, and drink sparkling things. Drop her a line following the e-mail link in her post (click here for her post)

Another reason why I visit the UK: Staff training at Les Senteurs. Actually it is more like a getting together with the folks in the shop and a discovery session: Welcome to the fragrant world of Mr. Tauer. I visited Les Senteurs twice this year, and I love this shop.

It is truly independent, not belonging to a distribution chain where you then end up only finding the distribution stuff, and Claire has the freedom to pick the brands she finds interesting enough for her clients. Lucky me, she picked my brand, too. And because they really care about supporting their clients in finding the right fragrant stories I figured: Hey, we need to teach them a bit.

Thus, we hit the plane again end next week. And we look forward to fish and chips.


2nd picture: A detail from the protea scan.