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lonestar mixing day

It’s Lonestar Memories mixing day!

Mixing day means: I first have to sit together with my PC, creating a new sheet for a new lot of the scent, and checking in another sheet whether I have all that I need.

Then I need to put all the raw materials together, getting them from the fridge(s) where I store the sensitive citrus oils and from the cellar where I store the rest. For Lonestar Memories, this means 31 bottles. Each raw material gets a line in my formula excel where I write down the batch number of the raw material. This is kind of important in order to trace everything that I do. You tell me what lot of Lonestar you have, and I can tell you what lot of rose absolute went into it.

And then I put on my latex gloves, play dirty perfumer, and weigh, pour and mix, in a 12 liter aluminum can. This can goes then into the cellar to wait for a couple of weeks before dilution, called maturation, but the regular readers of this blog know this by now. The gloves: You would not believe how sticky some of the raw materials are. I definitely do not want to smell for the rest of the day/week of birchtar. As much as I like it!

Anyhow, once all is mixed: then I clean up, wash everything and put everything back to its place; and am usually exhausted. Not because it’s heavy work, but because of the mental concentration that is necessary and that falls off.

And then I dream of lonestar cowboys.