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looking at air du désert packed

I got myself a Walimex LED round light. It  is a light source that is like a circle. In the middle there ‘s a free round area to put your camera through. It is a better way of lightening objects, I think. Here’s a link to a picture of this piece of techware.

You know: I think that I have a great bottle, perfectly packed, but I just have not enough pictures to spread this message. Time to change.

Today’s picture shows you a first picture that I did with this round daylight light source, last Friday. Playing. Testing. You know: lightening the packaging and the flacon is not easy. The resolution here is of course small and details are hard to see. Problematic areas are: The silver logo on the box with the letters embossed. The key there is to get this embossing out, without the box reflecting the light. And when it comes to the flacon: A nightmare. The logo needs to be visible, with the letters reflecting part of the light, but the flacon itself should not appear  too lifely.  You know: All sorts of reflections and patterns in the glass.  And then, I wanted to see the label being reflected on the packaging, with the color of the label being sort of authentic.

Here’s a detail from the shot showing all four aspects.

detail of the air du désert shot: embossing, logo on flacon, flacon, and the reflected label

And here’s how the world looks from behind the round light.

Air du désert and packaging seen through a Walimex round LED light

As you can see: there is another light, coming from the back. A simple static daylight lamp.

So far I am pleased with the result. And have many more ideas for taking pictures of my fragrant goodies. But I also see what is not optimal, yet. Well, there’s another Friday ahead.